CXGuards is an online platform where Cryptocurrency Exchanges are rated and reviewed daily.

Our community comprises cryptocurrency traders, investors and enthusiasts who desire success for one another and we do this by rating the exchanges daily.

This constant activity helps to guide traders and investors to choose which exchange suits them most.

CXGaurds also serves as a feedback mechanism for cryptocurrency exchanges. This will help them know what and where to improve their exchanges and operations.

Our online community is a very important part of this solution. It is where we learn and share vital information to help us grow and succeed together.

This is a platform built by traders to serve traders.

We hope you enjoy being an active part of our community.

We wish you a happy and safe trading!


Hi, I am Emmanuel Torty, a software developer and cryptotrader.

This site is my own little way of contributing positively to the cryptocurrency community. You can join and rate your trading experience, make new friends in the community and more.

My other interests include AI, business technology, and graphic designs.

When I'm not creating a product or busy with work, I love to spend time with family, play games, read books and travel.

My Twitter handle : @EmmanuelTorty


Hi I'm Seun Oyebode, a web developer and entreprenuer.

I'm a crypto enthusiast. I really believe in the change cryptocurrencies (and blockchain) will bring to the world.

I love scrolling through crypto-twitter and enjoying the non-stop action ;).

I love to help Start-Ups grow.

You can find me on Twitter : @seunoyebode